The Top 8 Worst Mother’s Day Gifts

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bestmomplagueWhile some mother’s are plotting ways to piss off their families during Mother’s Day celebrations, others are getting crappy gifts. And no, I don’t mean a simple bouquet or a thoughtful spa certificate or a nice lunch with relatives you can or cannot stand. I mean CRAPPY gifts. We are committing to the word here, people. CRAPPY.

Rinky dink crafts and yet another drawing for the fridge don’t even count. We’re talking light years beyond kitten sweaters — which are actually pretty cool — and even a semi inoffensive letter opener. Think the gift equivalent of attending a Mother’s Day garden party only to have 150 guests come down with epic food poisoning — cucumber sandwich style. That’s kind of where we’re at.

There’s no saving these eight items from a Mother’s Day shit list unless you’re personally crafting an Ugly Mother’s Day Collection in your closet. In which, case by all means, get your Pinterest clicker ready.