Worst Mother’s Day Ever: Mass Puking Following Upstate Garden Party

mother's dayIf you think you endured a particularly undwhelming Mother’s Day weekend, I would like to direct your attention to those poor mothers who attended a Mother’s Day garden party in upstate New York. As grueling as any Mother’s Day tea or family lunch was for countless mothers this Sunday, only about 150 found themselves vomiting up countless cucumber sandwiches thanks to food poisoning.

In what reads like a sequel for Bridesmaids, msnbc reports that the garden party took place at a Buddhist monastery in Kent Cliffs totaling at about 700 guests. An estimated 500 attended on buses headed straight from Chinatown. But after the festivities, that’s when things turned ugly:

Eric Gross, spokesman for the Putnam County Bureau of Emergency Services…says people starting getting sick with vomiting and diarrhea around 3:30 p.m. Sunday after they had left the party on buses bound for Woodbury Commons shopping outlets.

As of yesterday evening, 150 unlucky souls had been taken to hospitals in Putnam, Orange and Westchester counties. No word yet on which finger foods or pink frosted cupcakes contaminated the party. But although you may have wanted to vomit during your excruciating Mother’s Day, rest assured that some ladies actually did.

(photo: janecat/Shutterstock)

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