Baby Store Owner Acknowledges Under-Privileged Lesbian Moms, Mass Chaos Ensues

A store owner trying to level the financial field a bit for female-headed households has been taken to scrutiny by people who don’t even live in her city.

Karen Paperno, the owner of Boing Boing maternity boutique in Brooklyn, announced that she would allow a ten percent discount to lesbian mommies. Her reasoning was that female-headed households make less money, which has been proven to be true. Yet upon implementing the discount, Paperno received a series of homophobic phone calls from people living out of state. As bizarre as Paperno’s policy may seem, the majority of her straight-identified customers do not take issue with the discount.

Some commentators have called the lesbian friendly policy blatantly discriminatory, but Paperno’s personal decision to try and make things a little more even, atleast in her store, speaks volumes as to the amount of privilege that heterosexual parents enjoy everyday.

Legally, Paperno is in the clear:

“If she wants to offer a discount to a group she thinks is underprivileged, she’s entitled to,” said discrimination lawyer Murray Schwartz, adding that customers don’t have the same rights as employees. “Retailers can basically do whatever they want.”

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