Hacker With Nothing Better To Hack Trolls 2-Year-Old, Calls Her A ‘Slut’ Through Her Baby Monitor

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babynurseryHouston parents Marc Gilbert and Lauren had one of those WTF parenting moments a few days ago and no — baby vomit in the mouth was not involved. Marc heard “the voice of a strange man cursing” in the bedroom of their 2-year-old daughter Allyson, along with “lewd” comments. Turns out it was some hacker with nothing better to do than troll a toddler.

ABC News reports that when Marc and Lauren went to go investigate the oddity, they discovered the following:

The eerie voice — which had a British or European accent — was coming from the family’s baby monitor that was also equipped with a camera. A hacker apparently had taken over the monitor……As he and his wife  got closer to the room, they heard the voice calling his daughter an “effing moron,” and telling her,”‘wake up you little slut.”

The hacker then began shouting expletives at her parents and calling Gilbert a stupid moron and his wife a b****.

“At that point I ran over and disconnected it and tried to figure out what happened,” said Gilbert. “[I] Couldn’t see the guy. All you could do was hear his voice and [that] he was controlling the camera.”

Allyson is deaf, which her mother describes as “a  blessing,” in light of the event. Their 3-year-old son, Ethan, reportedly didn’t hear anything either. Their parents are understandably “shaken” and have decided not to report the incident to police. Upon contacting his internet provider, Marc received the standard “check your passwords” line.

As for now, the family has decided to keep the baby monitor permanently unplugged, resolving to simply go without one. Hopefully yelling obscenities at little people who can’t even articulate a witty quip won’t become a “thing” amongst the bored hacker community.

(photo:  Leonid and Anna Dedukh / Shutterstock)