New Study On Obese Mothers Increases Downloads Of ‘Obese Mother’ Stock Photos 100 Percent

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Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 9.49.21 AMI am trying so hard to write this up in a factual, responsible journalist way but I just can’t… Maybe someone else can take this story and give it the proper treatment it deserves because I’m pretty much crying for real into my coffee because I can’t stop laughing. OK so The Guardian ran a piece where the basic gist of it is that moms who are obese have children who face a bigger risk of early death. SAD AWFUL SCIENTIFIC NEWS Y’ALL.

Babies born to obese mothers may face an increased risk of dying early from heart problems in their adult life, according to research published late Tuesday that paints an alarming picture of the future as obesity-related disease is handed down from one generation to the next.

The comprehensive study looked at nearly 30,000 women who gave birth in Aberdeen between 1950 and 1976 and who were weighed and measured in early pregnancy. When the researchers then searched for death certificates among the nearly 38,000 children – by then aged 34 to 61 – they found that those whose mothers had been obese had a 35% higher chance of dying as a result of cardiovascular disease than the children of normal-weight mothers. Health records showed that they also had a 42% higher risk of being treated in hospital for heart problems.

Experts called for more effort to educate young women who might become pregnant about good eating habits and exercise as the implications of the study became clear. One in five pregnant women today is obese. If the researchers are right, the UK could face a huge rise in heart disease and early deaths as the children of these obese mothers hit middle age.

This new study is HOT news because it is all over the internet today and most news agencies are covering it. But the best part about all of this is when I took to my google machine to research the study further, the news section of my page showed the images that accompany these stories:

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HAHAHA, besides the image of the slender lady consuming milk from the Daily Fail Mail the rest of the stories all have these images of overweight women wearing unfortunate clothing choices, because not only are fat mamas increasing their risk of their babies dying early, not a one of them knows how to leave the damn house wearing clothes that fit that aren’t exposing a whole lot of skin. Moms come in all shapes and sizes and just because a mom may weigh more than what the BMI calculator and society feels is acceptable, it doesn’t mean she is some crazy person walking around not wearing pants or wearing pants that are super tight or a sport’s bra in public.

I’m sorry, I’m sure this study is important, and yes, healthy eating is lovely and great and moms and kids all drink your milk because milk makes everyone skinny (WUT) and hey, I’m all for places discussing how moms and kids can be healthier but can we please not do it with these awful stock photos of what you can find while searching for FAT MOM?

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