The Olympics Has Its Very Own Public Pregnant Engagement Stunt!

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Are we all tired of flash mobs and jumbo screen proposals? Has your appetite for public engagements been sated by the thousands of YouTube videos with men on bended knee and surprised ladies yelling, “Oh my God!”

Well, today we found a story that almost restored my interest in public proposals. Let me introduce you to David State and his now-fiance Christine Langham.

This happy couple just got engaged while State was carrying the Olympic torch. In the middle of his trip, State stopped his job, handed the torch over and get down on one knee in front of his girlfriend, whose due to give birth in three weeks. After Christine said “Yes,” he gave her a kiss, grabbed the torch and finished his leg of the procession.

It’s not even the crazy planning this had to take to coordinate with the Olympic committees, it’s the couple themselves that make this story just so-darn-adorable. After her surprise, Langham told the media, “He was taking a chance I didn’t give birth there and then, really.” And honestly, what pregnant woman wouldn’t be a little worried about her heart racing like that with just three weeks to go?

State himself seems like an awesome character. He got the honor of carrying the Olympic torch after being nominated by his company for his work in the community. He volunteers with the British Red Cross, he’s a volunteer constable with the Cleveland Police and he’s been involved in the Scouting movement since he was young. Talk about an upstanding guy. Though he admits that running away after proposing might not have been the kindest thing ever. “I ran 300m with the Olympic flame, got down on one knee and proposed to my lovely girlfriend and then, about two seconds after, ran another 300m with the Olympic flame. So I left her in a spate of tears,” State said.

So now, the Olympics has it’s very own adorable public proposal stunt. That means that all you couples out there with grand notions can check the Olympic Games off your list of possible engagement locations. It’s been done. Find a parade somewhere that no happy couple has claimed as their own. The Olympics belong to David State, Christine Langham, and their soon-to-be little one.

(Photo: Huffington Post)