Rielle Hunter Officially Reaches Flagrant PR Mommy Status With Tell-All Book Allegedly For Daughter

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Rielle HunterIt’s not little Frances Quinn‘s fault that she came into the world through John Edward‘s seedy, typical-for-politics affair with Rielle Hunter. But since the videographer and former life coach is apparently releasing a tell-all book, titled directly What Really Happened, she has since dragged her 4-year-old into her shameless self-promotion.

In announcing her book to the press, Hunter had the gall to assert that her reasons behind the tabloid-ready memoir detailing her affair with Edwards was written to “explain” their relationship to their kid:

Hunter says she was driven to write the book because she wants daughter Frances Quinn to “have one entirely truthful public account of how she came into the world. After all, this is her story too.”

An account further incentivized by dollar signs of course, complete with “20/20” interview in which Hunter will announce the status of her relationship with Edwards just to get those viewers. But muddying profits with a child’s legacy is a new low — even for these two, in which a child already born to the pararazzi’s scorn is being trafficked again for the sake of eyeballs and sales. This little girl will already be confronted with her parents’ choices again and again. The last thing she needs is her schoolyard friends reading off details of Mommy and Daddy’s Uganda sex tape.