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And So It Begins… Giuliana Rancic Already Criticized For Working So Close To Baby’s Due Date

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rancic surrogateAs a working mother, sometimes you just can’t win. Just ask Giuliana Rancic. The E! News host is not even a mom yet – Rancic and husband Bill Rancic are expecting their first child via surrogate in late August/early September – and yet people are already attacking her for covering off the London Olympics so close to the baby’s due date. And that, my friends, is just not cool.

It all started when Rancic said during an interview on the TODAY show, “The baby is due at the end of August. And so I wrap at the Olympics on August 11th, so we are going to be on standby.” That sounds normal to me. I mean, even if her surrogate did go into early labor, it’s not like Rancic is in some faraway land; it would be easy enough to hop on a (private) plane and be home seven hours later. That said, Rancic is giving herself a nice three-week buffer here. The chances of her actually missing her baby’s birth are slim to none, if we’re being totally honest.

But that’s not even the point. It’s more about the fact that Rancic is being criticized for her decision, so much so that she turned to Twitter to defend herself. As she wrote yesterday:

“Headline that i may miss our baby’s birth is making me laugh! I come home from London Aug 10, how is that first week of September?”

I think it’s sad that Rancic feels the need to defend herself in the first place. It’s just so representative of the fact that everyone has an opinion on how other moms and moms-to-be should be behaving, when really it’s nobody’s business (so long as nobody’s getting hurt). The truth is, had Rancic decided to stay at home and take it easy for the month leading up to the big day, people would have criticized her for giving up on her career altogether in the name of motherhood (which, again, would be totally cool if that’s what she wanted).

On at least one site I visited, people weighed in with some pretty nasty comments:

“I will lose ALL respect for her if she misses the birth of this baby because of the Olympics. After all the drama and crying for a baby, and now she is about to have her prayers answered, but the Olympics come first now? WTF?”

“Oh how nice, the dr has reassured HER! Makes you wonder just how much she really wanted a baby. Does she not understand her life will come 2nd from now on? If not, she doesn’t need to be a mother at all. Let the nanny raise the kid.”

“Wow. Kid better get used to coming in second. Maybe this is why God didn’t want her to get pregnant!”

After everything she’s been through, something tells me Rancic will not be missing the birth of her baby boy. Though if one thing’s for certain, it’s that people need to stop placing so much judgement on other family’s decisions. I mean, aren’t we all getting tired of the Mommy Wars by now?

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