Dumb Teen Posts Intimate Cupcake Gathering To Facebook, Hundreds More Show Up And Throw Colossal House Party

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teens partyingI’m embarrassed to say that when I was a teenager I gave my parents a pretty hard time when it came to unwanted guests in the house. It was a bone of contention between my mom and I all through my high school years. Compared to what happened to this Aptos Hills, California family, however, my little get togethers were child’s play.

What was supposed to be a fun movie and cupcake night between four friends quickly turned into a disaster when news of a “house party” got out on social media and via text messages. The night began when homeowner Michelle Hirschaut’s 16-year-old daughter invited three friends over. One of the friends posted about the get together on Facebook and it snow balled from there. The initial posts drew hundreds of teens to the home and led to tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

Thankfully Hirschaut’s daughter managed to flee the home with her dog and called 911, along with many of her neighbors. The party was broken up by police around midnight and an 18-year-old boy, Anthony Arroyo, was arrested and charged with possession of a weapon and burglary.

I hope whichever kid posted about the party has their social media privileges taken away for a while. I’m not saying he or she meant for this to happen, but social media has the capacity to be dangerous when used irresponsibly. Case in point.

Be careful what you put out there, you never know how many people you are reaching.

(Photo: Patrizia Tilly / Shutterstock)