Top 5 Reasons Kris Jenner Does Not Deserve Her Own Talk Show

kris jenner khloe kardashianRumor has it Kris Jenner wants her own daytime talk show and she’d love to have Khloe Kardashian as her co-host. “Kris thinks a mother-daughter talk show would be brilliant,” a source tells “They want to make it family friendly and discuss all different types of subjects from infertility to sister rivalry. They also want to have celebrity guests on the show starting with Kanye and Kim.” Lord help us all!

Honestly, Jenner doesn’t deserve her own talk show. She’s already the world’s No. 1 fame whore, and the worst part is that it’s Khloe who was interested in hosting her own talk show in the first place (leave it to Jenner to kibosh the whole thing). Jenner may, deep down, have her children’s best interest at heart but boy, does she have a strange way of showing it. Here are the Top 5 reasons why she’d make the worst daytime talk show host ever.


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