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No One Tells You Your Period Is A Billion Times Worse After You Have Kids

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Now look, I know an easy solution to manage my cycles would be birth control. Pop dem pills and watch those periods go down to nothing, you say! But I am one of those annoying “not keen on pumping hormones into my body” people even though my OB swears it’s fine, and so I’ve chosen this bloody, crampy, weepy fate. But I am here to let others now that this happens. I find there are still things we women are not telling each other about. Yes, I do blame the entire world population of moms for not telling me what a mucus plug was. How could you not share this with the rest of us? A plug.made.of.mucus. We need to know these things!

So my fellow sisthren, I am telling you now. Chances are the second that period comes back after having your precious babe, it’s gonna give you hell. Stock up on the essentials and prepare for the worst. I shall say a pray to the period gods that your experience is not like mine. But just in case, have your period underpants suited up for battle and ready to fight.


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