20 Remarkable Sanskrit Baby Names For Boys And Girls

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Every child deserves a name that is just as perfect and unique as they are. A name is so much more than just the right combination of letters. Your child’s name is the one gift you will give them that will last forever. If you are like most parents in this generation, chances are you will stop at no end to craft the most remarkable name for your future son or daughter.

It is evident that the allure of names chosen from foreign countries is climbing every day. Parents look to these foreign names to choose something not only unique and rarely heard, but also bursting with a strong and beautiful meaning. If you are trying to find that perfect name for your child, Sanskrit names are a perfect choice. Simple, beautiful, and dripping with gorgeous meanings, these names deserve the first slot on every parent’s list. Continue reading for 20 of the most remarkable Sanskrit baby names for boys and girls.


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Pronounced as ”AH-BAH” this is an adorable Sanskrit name for a baby girl. The two syllables make it easy to pronounce, and easy to fall in love with. The meaning of this gorgeous name is brightness. We believe every baby should be the brightest part of your universe, making this name a perfect choice for your little one. If you are looking for a name that also has a tie to someone famous, look no further. Any baby sporting this name will share a name with Abha Dawsar, a famous novelist. We love this name because of its bright meaning, easy pronunciation, and ties to the famous novelist.


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This baby girl name is pronounced as ”Ah-dee-tee”, and we absolutely love it! Many Sanskrit baby girl names will traditionally end with the letter a. This name, ending in the letter i, makes it an even more unique and beautiful choice. The name means ”universal”, making it a perfect choice for someone looking for a foreign name with a perfect meaning. It also has a mystical history as Aditi was the mother of gods and a sky goddess in mythology. We love this name because of its unique spelling, fun sound, and its ties to a mystical past.


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You pronounce this name as ”Kah-Mee-nee”. It is traditionally a baby girl name and is another choice with the unique ”i” ending. We find this name fun to say with its cute and quirky sound. If you would like a name worthy for any little girl, this name would be it. The meaning of Kamini, literally means ”worthy”, and we believe it would be just that. Kamini also has ties to famous culture. It is shared by Kamini Kauahal, an actress. We love it because of the unique ending sound, perfect meaning, and ties to the famous actress.


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This name is pronounced as ”Mad-Hoo-Ree” and is another baby girl name. It is also the last of the baby girl names we found with the unique ”i” spelling and sound at the end. If you would like to give your baby girl a name that describes her personality perfectly, this would be it. The meaning of this name is ”sweet” which is sure to describe any little girl in your life. It is also another name with ties to the acting realm being shared by the actress, Madhuri Dixit. We love this name because of its sweet meaning, beautiful ending sound, and its connection to the actress.


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Pronounced as ”Cheh-tun” this is the first Sanskrit baby boy name on our list. It has a short and crisp sound that makes it easy to love. The spelling also makes it familiar, while still being unique in its own sense. Anyone looking to have a baby boy with an amazing personality should look at this name. Chetan means ”full of spirit”, and any baby flaunting this name is sure to be described accordingly. This name is also shared with two famous people author Chetan Bhagat, and actor Chetan Kumar. We love it because of its crisp sound, and spirited meaning.


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If you love the meaning of the name Chetan but are having a baby girl, consider this name. Pronounced as ”Cheh-Tah-Nah”, it has the same ”full of spirit” meaning as its masculine form. This feminine version is also beautiful in its own aspect with its soft vowel sounds, and simple pronunciation. If you are having boy/girl twins, consider using both of the names for the most epic twin pair. Not only will the names be similar in sound but they will also share a beautiful meaning. This feminine form of Chetan also has connections to the famous culture being held by actress, Chetana Das. We love this name because of its similarities to Chetan, while still being beautiful all on its own.


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This name is pronounced as ”Jay-Men” and is most often used for baby boys. The name, derived from Jai, which means victory, has a meaning of success. Any parent wishing a bright and successful future for their child would surely want to use this name. While this name stands strong and perfect in its full form, it also has promising capabilities of being shortened into a cute nickname as well. Jai would be a great nickname and we think it is adorable! This name is also easy on the ears and unique, while still having a familiar sound. We love it because of its strong meaning, and also its ability to sport an adorable nickname.


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This name is pronounced as ”Mad-hah-vah”. It is a strong masculine name used almost exclusively for boys. If you are a parent who enjoys springtime and the beauty and the weather it brings, you should definitely give this name a second look. It would also be the perfect choice for any baby boy who was born in the spring, as the meaning of this name is ”born in springtime”. It is a unique choice and would definitely give your child the advantage of having an uncommon name among peers. We love this name because of its uniqueness, and strong sound.


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You pronounce this name as ”A-Lee-ah”. It is an absolutely gorgeous baby girl name with an even more gorgeous meaning. The meaning behind this name is ”exalted”, giving it the perfect meaning for your future daughter. This name is a bit more popular than some on our list as it was brought to light in the media and news when American musician Aaliyah Dana Haughton was killed in a plane crash in 2001. Despite its increase in popularity, it is still a beautiful and remarkable choice for any little girl. We love it because of its gorgeous spelling and sound, and perfect meaning.


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This name is pronounced as ”Ash-VAR-ya”. It is definitely one the most unique names on our list in terms of spelling and sound. A baby girl with this name surely would not have to share a name with anyone in her preschool classroom! While it is quite popular in India, the name has not quite hit the charts in other parts of the world just yet. If you have visions of prosperity and fortune for your baby girl, she needs this name to match. The name has a meaning of ”rich and prosperous”, and has proven to be just that as this name is shared with a famous Bollywood actress, Aishwarya Rai. We love this name because of its sheer uniqueness.


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You pronounce this name almost exactly how it looks as, ”Dri-ZAHN-a”. It is a beautiful and unique choice for a little girl. It has an exquisite sound packed into its three syllables. The meaning of this name is ”sun daughter” making it the perfect choice for any parent intrigued by astrology. As the sun in astrology represents our will to live, your daughter is sure to do just that. If you wish to choose a unique name with the ability to have a more common nickname choice, this name is perfect. You could easily and effectively use the nickname Ana as a super cute and simplistic choice. We love this name because of its exquisite sound and simplistic nickname.


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This name has a rather unusual pronunciation of ”Rah-THAN”. It is used both as an Indian boy’s and girl’s name and has Sanskrit origins. Although still not in the top 1000 baby names it has risen 536 spots since 2017, leading us to believe its popularity is definitely on the rise! Its rise in popularity could definitely be contributed to its ties to Ratan Rajput an Indian soap actress. Although it has a definite rise in popularity, we don’t believe your child would have the risk of owning a trending name anytime soon. Making it still a safe choice for someone looking for an uncommon name for their baby boy or girl. We love this name for its ability to be used as a unisex name.


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This is another unisex name with the ability to be just as cute for a little boy as it is for a little girl. It is an extremely popular name in India. Its popularity is likely contributed to two factors one being its ties to famous culture, with Padma Lakshmi, reality tv host, and Padma Khanna, actress. The other factor is likely due to its meaning. The Padma is a symbolic flower, the lotus flower, in both Hinduism and Buddhism. This name is short, simple and sweet. It’s a perfect choice for someone looking for a name with a floral meaning that isn’t as overused as other floral names such as Lily or Rose. We love this name because of its floral meaning, and short sweet sound.


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You pronounce this name as ”roh-HIT”. It is primarily used as an Indian baby boy name. Its short two syllables and letter arrangement make it one of our favorite choices. It has both an easy pronunciation and spelling and yet is still an uncommon and unique choice. With its meaning of ”red”, this name would be the absolute perfect choice for a parent who prefers this color out of the others. Famous real-life people with this name include Rohit Roy, an Indian television star and Rohit Bal, an Indian fashion designer. The name has never hit the top 1000 names in America. We love this Sanskrit baby name because of its ease of spelling and pronunciation.


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This name is pronounced as “tah-NAH-ya”. It is the perfect name for your little girl as it literally means ”my daughter”. Its soft vowel sounds give it a lovely feminine vibe. You may have associated this name with American jewelry designer Tanaya Henry who is famous for her ”earlace” that has been worn by famous celebrities such as Beyonce and Miley Cyrus. This name is way down in the charts in America which means it is a safe choice for anyone looking to avoid a trendy name. We love this name because of how uncommon it is while still being absolutely beautiful.


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This name has a super simple pronunciation and is pronounced exactly as it looks as ”veh-dah”. It is used mostly as a baby girl name. This name has a special meaning in India as the Vedas are the oldest scriptures in Hinduism. If you would like to give your baby girl an obvious advantage in life, this name is an excellent choice. Veda has a meaning of wise, and any baby girl given this name will surely be full of wisdom. It is also the name of a famous person in real life, Veda Hille a musician. We love this name because of its simplicity.


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Pronounced as ”YAW-GEE” this name is the perfect Sanskrit baby name for your little boy. While it’s pronunciation is a bit peculiar, its short spelling still makes it simple enough to not be too unusual. The meaning of this name is ”spiritual guide” which is sure to prepare your baby for a future destined as a great leader. This name is on the rise, it has rocketed up the popularity list a whopping 10,207 spots since just last year! This name is also shared with the famous baseball player, Yogi Berra. We love this name because of its quick rise in popularity, and ties to the world of baseball.


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This name can be pronounced as either ”Nish-ah” or ”Nee-Shah”. It is used as a baby girl name and has ties to Hindu mythology. According to the mythology, Nisha is the goddess of night. Which is where the meaning of this name is derived from. Nisha means, ”night”. If you have a baby girl who is born late at night and you would like to incorporate that characteristic into her name, this would be a perfect choice! This name was given to two different actresses, Nisha Kothari, and Nisha Ganatra. We love this name because of its ties to mythology.


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You pronounce this name as ”Ash-va-th” and it is a strong name used in India for little boys. Not only does the name have a strong and masculine sound, but it also has a meaning of strong. This makes the name a perfect choice for anyone wishing to bestow strong characteristics on their little boy. This name is also highly rare, and with its unique letter combination, we are sure it is destined to remain a distinctive choice for years to come. According to astrology people who have this name are often energetic, courageous and determined. We love this name because of it uniqueness and strong meaning.


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This name is pronounced as ”Sah-Ket” and is one of our favorite Sanskrit baby names. It is primarily a boy name and although it has Sanskrit origins the name makes us think of a masculine ”outdoorsy” type name. This name has the benefit of being unique and uncommon and yet still familiar sounding enough to be accepted easily. It has familiar letter combinations and easy spelling. Saket has a beautiful meaning of ”heaven” which just adds to our love. This baby name is another quick riser and has sprung up 10,207 spots since 2017. We predict this name will be seen more often in the years to come. We love it because of its interesting sound, and quick popularity rise.

Which of these Sanskrit names will you be adding to your baby name list? Any you would like to add?

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