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This ‘Game of Thrones’ Fan Theory Is All Set to Marry Sansa Stark Off Again

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Warning: This post is a mess of spoilers. It’s just Game of Thrones spoilers from here all the way down. If you’re not here for Game of Thrones spoilers, I recommend immediately clicking over to something else. You could check out this photo of David Beckham trying to assemble a 4,000-piece Lego castle for his daughter. Or check out these 12 awesome tattoos you could get with your sister. If you don’t want Game of Thrones spoilers, stop reading now.

Wedding bells in Westeros.

Weddings on Game of Thrones are never good things, but a new fan theory is all ready to marry Sansa Stark off again. This time her proposed husband is Dickon Tarly, brother of Jon Snow’s BFF, Sam Tarly.

Right now the Tarlys are allied with the Lannisters, but Dickon is not particularly into the arrangement.

The Redditor going by ALL_STAR_87 suggested that Dickon could take his forces to the Stark and Targaryen side.

“If Randyll croaks and Dickon survives there’s a chance he could abandon his father’s pact with the Lannisters, paving the way to reconnect with his brother Sam — who happens to have the Tarlys’ Valyrian steel sword… With the Starks/Targaryens looking likely to take on the walkers, Sam bringing House Tarly (and most likely the rest of The Reach) onboard would be a big strategic win. By joining the fight in the north, Sansa and Dickon would no-doubt cross paths setting-up a potentially perfect partnership bringing together north and south.”

Dickon Tarly is a good-looking dude. But I sure hope this doesn’t happen. I am a decades-long fan of Sansa Stark and have spent way too much of my life defending her to dudes who think she’s “weak” or “lame” to see her plotline wrap up with another stupid marriage. She’s out of Dickon’s league, and she deserves a better end than just winding up Lady Tarly.

Everyone wants a political marriage with Sansa Stark.

Sansa has already been forced into two political marriages so far, because she was a prime target for anybody playing political games in Westeros. As the eldest trueborn daughter of Ned Stark, after her brothers’ deaths, Sansa Stark was the heir to Winterfell. Whoever could get possession of her could rule the North.

That’s why the Lannisters forced her marriage to Tyrion back when she was still at King’s Landing and under their control. Tywin explicitly ordered Tyrion to marry her and get her pregnant as quickly as possible, so that he could show up in the North with Ned Stark’s grandchild and claim the North for the Lannisters.

The Tyrells tried to steal her from the Lannisters to marry her to Loras Tyrell.

Sansa’s aunt, Lysa Arryn–the lady breast-feeding a 10-year-old–planned to marry Sansa to her son, even though they were first cousins.

Then Sansa was forcibly married to Ramsay Bolton, murderer, rapist, and probably the most evil character on the entire show. On Game of Thrones, that’s really saying something.

Littlefinger is still all over her, and that’s gross. Sansa’s mother was his Daisy Buchanan, and he’s into her as a replacement. Sansa hasn’t actually killed anybody yet, but we still have 10 episodes left to go.

Sansa’s value as a political game piece has changed slightly now that Jon Snow is King of the North and Bran Stark isn’t actually dead (but he’s a magic bird? I have no idea where this puts him in the line of succession) but she’s still up there.

And as a character with agency in her own right, Sansa has really come into her own. She’s smart, she understands the people around her, and she’s become quite cunning. Sansa Stark is a whole lot more than a political prize to be captured now. She’s earned herself something great–something that makes us stand up in our seats and yell, “Fuck yeah, Sansa Stark!” Dickon Tarly’s pretty cool, but not cool enough for that.

What do you think is in store for Sansa Stark? Let us know in the comments.

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