Game of Thrones Season 7 Premiered and Twitter’s All Over It

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First, I just want to say that if you haven’t yet watched the Games of Thrones Season premier yet, please close this window. OK, good. For the rest of you…How good was that premier?! From the first few moments when Arya brought the North justice way down to that hilarious(ly gross) sequence with Sam and the chamber pots to Dany finally making it to Dragonstone, this premier was exactly what we all needed after so many months of waiting impatiently. Of course, if you want the full low down on the Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere, Twitter’s all over it.

Sansa’s Got a New Hero it Seems

And honestly, can you blame her? While Cersei totally tormented the hell out of her, Sansa might resemble what Cersei once was: a high-born girl who had to do as she was told, married off to someone she didn’t want to be with, and making the best of her lousy situation.

Euron Greyjoy Is Around, and Always Seemingly Out of Place

Seriously, I can’t stand Euron. Not in this Game of Thrones season premiere or at any other time.

On That Never-Ending Chamber Pot Montage

We are all still feeling for poor Sam.

On That Ed Sheeran Cameo

The weirdest cameo we just don’t get. Though honestly, it could have been worse.

On Characters We’d like to See Again

Seriously, where’s the wolf?

For Those Shipping Brienne and Tormund

She’s clearly still not having it. And while I’d love to see it happen, I have a feeling Tormund just ain’t her type.

Some of Us Are Totally Still Team Ser Jorah

For real, that scene was so totally heartbreaking.

But Some of Us Got Jokes About Him, Too

Oooh, ouch.

And Speaking Of Jokes, the Hound’s Were on Point

I feel like this was added in as a jab at hipsters in general, though.

Twitters Always Got Theories

And I have to say, I can kind of get behind this one. Although I don’t think I’d want to see The Hound looking as gruesome as the Mountain is these days.

Plus Our General Thoughts on Littlefinger and His Sansa-Obsession

Quit being such a creepy uncle, Baelish!

But the General Sentiment of The Game of Thrones Season Premiere…


Thanks to HBO for another fabulous start to the season. Can’t wait for next week!

(Image: HBO / Game of Thrones)