Poor David Beckham Tries to Put Together a 4,000-Piece Lego Castle for His Daughter

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David Beckham is not the most relatable dad in the world. Most dads aren’t multi-millionaire underwear model athletes. Most parents will never be at the center of an international incident because their kids have a tea party at Buckingham Palace. But David Beckham just posted a photo of himself trying to build a 4,000-piece Lego castle for his daughter, Harper, and it’s the cutest and most relatable thing.

It’s also pretty hot. Because “hot dads building irrationally complicated Lego sets” is the new fetish I just discovered.

David Beckham may have bitten off more than he can chew with this Lego Disney castle.

The Lego Disney Castle set is not kidding around. This $350 Lego set has more than 4,000 pieces. The instruction booklet alone is 490 pages long.

Beckham is staring at it like someone who looked at the box and thought, “Oh sure, sweetie. I love Lego! It’ll be fun!”

Then he opened it up and saw just how many pieces 4,000 Lego bricks actually is.

“Page 1 of the Disney castle,” he wrote. “4000 pieces 490 pages of instructions I look confused but I’m so excited”

That’s one heck of a task in front of him.

This is the Lego Disney Castle David Beckham is trying to build:

lego disney castle

Image: LEGO

lego disney castle

It’s a four-story building with turrets, balconies, a spiral staircase, a grandfather clock, and a flower vase. You have to put the flowers for the flower vase together, too! I think I want this Lego set now. But then I look at David Beckham up there and think, “Maybe I’ll just buy the Duplo version.”

We’ve probably all been there, though. Half of parenting seems to involve putting things together. When I was Harper’s age I got a Barbie house for Christmas. My father took one look at the box and called my uncle to come over and put it together.

This particularly hits home for me right now. Somehow this week my puzzle-obsessed 3-year-old convinced her dad to buy her a 550-piece Snoopy puzzle. It’s huge, and all the edge pieces are 100-percent blue!

My husband and I are not puzzle people. I can’t do this puzzle. He can’t do this puzzle. I’m pretty sure my husband just brought home a box of 550 choking hazards. We’ve been at it for three days. So far we have half of Snoopy’s shirt. But we’re going to keep doing it, because she asked us to and we’re pushovers. (She said “please.” I’m not made of stone.)

I hope Beckham keeps going with this monster Lego Disney Castle, though. Will he do it? He needs to post progress photos. I’m emotionally invested in his Disney Castle saga. Who doesn’t want to watch a hot dad building an irrationally complicated Lego set for his daughter?

And after he finishes it, maybe he can take on the famed Lego Death Star.

What’s the most complicated toy you’ve ever had to put together? Let us know in the comments.

(Image: Instagram / David Beckham)