All the Memes for the Game of Thrones Finale Because It’s Hard to Say Goodbye

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WARNING: SO. MANY. SPOILERS. HOW ARE YOU EVEN OPENING THIS IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE FINALE YET?! Dearly beloved. We are gathered here to collectively mourn the loss of our favorite television show. The Game of Thrones finale was undoubtedly the finale we were hoping for. The one we were expecting. The one we needed in order to somehow make it through the next year (or two), when new episodes finally grace us with their presence. There were long-awaited reunions (Cersei and Tyrion, Cersei and Jon Snow). Even longer-awaited first meetings (Cersei and Daenerys). Much anticipated revenge (Goodbye, Little Finger!) A cameo by one ice-fire-breathing dragon (that wall!) And of course, the single hottest sex scene in Game of Thrones history (hello, incest!) And so, without further ado, here’s how Twitter is feeling about that incredible Game of Thrones finale. Hopefully these are enough to hold you through those long, lonely Sunday nights from now until HBO gives us more of what we need.

We’ll start with something a little light-hearted… Like this Kanye of Thrones (Game of Kanye?) meme because we all need a laugh

OK so first there’s Bronn StillNeedsACastle and Jamie NeedsToLeaveHisSister hanging out, and this is a likely outcome

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