40 Twitter Memes for Every Big Reveal on Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 5

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Warning: TONS OF SPOILERS for Season 7 Episode 5 of Game of Thrones. By now, you’ve hopefully caught up with Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 – Eastwatch. It was an evening of big reveals. Huge ones. Some of them were so shocking because they weren’t even written in the books! While definitely a slower paced episode than the last (Songs of Winter), Eastwatch was definitely among the most important this season. It brought some reunions (like Jorah and Dany, and more amazingly, Gendry and everyone!), some unexpected plot twists (hello Cersei’s baby bump), and of course, the biggest reveal as discovered by none other than Gilly (Jon’s parents were married! He’s not a bastard!) Now, here’s how the collective Twitterari reacted:

1. All of us wondering how on earth Jamie and Bronn managed to escape…

2. And Dickon being destined for doom

3. But also, need to quickly address this…

4. When Jon Snow pet Drogon (it wasn’t just Dany feeling it…)

5. The moment is totally cut short upon the arrival of Ser Jorah

6. Glorious, until we see Jon’s face

7. We’re all wondering how he could possibly fail to mention our boy Sam

8. Bran’s vision of the Walkers being way too close was notable

9. We’re all wondering WTH these old Maesters are thinking

10. Some folks recognize the real problem with these dudes

11. That conversation between Arya and Sansa though, revealing what we know is true

12. Some folks were pleased with the Jamie-Tyrion reunion

13. Though others are still wondering…

14. But hands down, we all still love Bronn (even if he did hit a dragon)

15. And then, finally, the big one: GENDRY’S BACK!

16. Seriously, though, we were all just too psyched

17. Of course, that means having to finally put one of our favorite memes to rest

18. He was totes ready, too

19. And apparently, boy knows how to wield a hammer

20. Like, for real for real

21. Cersei’s BIG reveal, tho


22. Some fans ain’t buying it, though

23. Gendery Meeting Jon

24. by Jon and Gendry Becoming Besties

25. For real, though, Jon rarely smiles

26. But then…Jon and Gendry talking about their daddies when they should really be discussing…

27. Yet what we’re all really feeling is

28. Meanwhile poor old, faithful Jorah’s like

29. Of course, the BIGGEST reveal of all was

30. Our collective reaction

31. And Sam acting a fool all the while

32. But he leaves the Citadel and we’re like

33. Tormund stealing the only scene he got

34. Then We Find Out The Hound And Co Are Also Around

35. Finally…too many good memes about the squad

36. Seriously

37. All this

38. The Squad

39. Suicide Squad

40. Memes

What will the next episode hold? Well, a crap load of White Walkers, for one. Will certainly be holding our breath till then.

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