Parents Lose 3-Year-Old in a Corn Maze, Don’t Notice Til the Next Morning

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Anybody can temporarily misplace a small child, and corn mazes are designed to get people lost in them. But some Utah parents took a lack of attention to detail to an astonishing degree this week when they lost their 3-year-old in a corn maze, and somehow didn’t notice until the next morning.

According to KUTV, the 3-year-old boy was discovered in the corn maze on Monday. A woman found him crying in the corn maze and brought him to security. Everyone logically assumed the parents were somewhere at the corn maze, probably frantically looking for their lost child.

Corn maze staff assumed the parents were on site.

Staff called for the parents with a bullhorn and looked around the facilities for hours, but the parents were nowhere to be found. After the maze closed and everybody left, police took the little boy to DCFS for the night.

It wasn’t until the next morning that someone realized he was gone. The boy’s mother called police at 8 a.m. the next day after she woke up and realized he was gone, and the last place she’d seen him was at the corn maze. Fortunately, they were able to tell her they had him and he was safe.

The boy’s mother called police the next morning.

The mother told police they’d gone to the corn maze with a big group, and that when they got back to the house she had dozed off while watching a movie. Then when she got up and went to bed, she didn’t realize he wasn’t there. She reportedly had around 10 children with her when she went to pick up the 3-year-old, but it’s not clear if they were all hers or if they were even related.

That’s a lot of kids in one place at a time, so things could get chaotic. Still, it’s tough to imagine losing track of a 3-year-old for that long.

The little boy was returned to his mother, and DCFS says they’re looking into it. No citations have been given yet, while they try to figure out how that happened and if it’s just a fluke mistake or indicative of a bigger problem.

“It’s a process.  We don’t want to jump to any conclusions but we are also concerned mainly about the safety of the child,” a representative said.

That poor kid must have been terrified, but it’s really lucky he was found safely.

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