Gallery: Kris Jenner, Dina Lohan And Other Celebrities Who Don’t Need To Share Their Parenting Advice

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So Kris Jenner is going to start hosting duties on The Talk and I’m not particularly excited to hear her opinions on parenting. Honestly, I think she’s more worried about her children’s marketability than their well-being.

I realize that we’re entitled to our own opinions. Obviously, there aren’t any specific qualifications for who gets to share their parenting experiences. I spout mine everyday and I’m nothing special.

We often hear celebrities’ thoughts on a variety of topics because we’re interested in the famous, not because they have an special insight into parenting or dieting or music. But we probably wouldn’t take health advice from someone who has a disordered way of looking at food. Just like that, there might be a couple celebrities who could stand to keep their parenting advice to themselves.