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Celebrity Moms Who Clapped Back After Being Mom-Shamed

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celebrity moms clap back


There are several things you can expect when you become a mom. For instance, not being as grossed out by puke anymore, changing 386 diapers a day, and suddenly having the ability to run on less sleep. But if there’s one thing that every mom absolutely hates, it’s getting unfair criticism from parents who feel that they know it all. Sure, there are moments when fellow mothers genuinely try to help, but in most cases, critics can’t seem to accept the fact that everyone’s parenting style is different. Worse yet, they couldn’t care less about being hurtful or projecting guilt.

It’s why we can only imagine what famous moms have to go through every day. A simple baby photo could lead to outrage because people find the outfit problematic, or literally any photo that doesn’t include their baby is met with disapproval because apparently, moms who don’t spend every waking moment with their kid is selfish. The negativity never seems to stop and it’s quite maddening. But thankfully, seeing these celebrity moms clap back gives us so much hope. See all the times they effortlessly fired back at trolls who tried to give unsolicited parenting advice.

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