Cute Or Cringeworthy? Taylor Swift-Themed Wedding Proposal

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In this week’s installment of “cute or cringeworthy” proposals, we have a Taylor Swift wedding proposal based on a future-bride’s love for a Lover track “Paper Rings.” Even some Swifties feel like this one is a little too much, while others have declared “if my future fiancé doesn’t propose to me with paper rings while ‘Love Story’ is playing in the background, I’m saying no.”

In a widely-shared and meme-esque proposal, e caption reads, “I like shiny things, and he proposed to me with paper ring(s).” For non-Swifties out there, those are slightly-altered lyrics from “Paper Rings,” which came out last summer. The real lyrics are, “I like shiny things, but I’d marry you with paper rings.” Four images show a paper-made ring box and the inside with Lover‘s album cover pasted into the top. Then, you see what looks like a toilet paper ring on ~that finger~ before another photo showing an *actual* engagement ring — diamond, silver band, and all.

The post was first shared on the Taylor Swift subreddit but eventually found itself in some other less-positive corners of the internet.

Like Harry Potter and Disney proposals, the meme-ability of engagements like this beg the question of whether we take our fandoms too seriously. “Paper Rings” is a completely romantic song about being with someone no matter what the external circumstances, but is there nothing more personal and exclusive to your relationship than an artist’s album called Lover? “Paper Rings” is a great wedding song (especially if you can get someone to play it acoustically), but proposals are meant to be distinctive to a couple.

Still, an engagement experience is supposed to make the person being proposed to feel special and if Taylor Swift can make that happen, why “yuck” someone else’s “yum,” you know?