United Airlines Makes Flying Even Worse By Forcing Family To Sit In Vomit

airplane-cabin-seatsThe only thing worse than snakes on a plane is puke on a plane. It sucks when shared spaces come into contact with bodily fluids, but at least thanks to the wonders of barf bags and cleaning products you know you’ll never end up sitting in someone else’s vomit, right? Wrong. Fasten your seat belts and get ready for a bumpy ride because a Maryland family is speaking out after they say they were forced to fly in vomit-soaked seats.

According to Fox NewsScott Shirley, his wife, and his son had just settled into their seats on a United Airlines flight from Florida to Maryland over the weekend when they noticed an unusual odor emanating from their seats and realized their carry on bags were damp.

”She [Shirley’s wife] reached down and rubbed the ground and goes ”the whole ground is wet,” and then she put it to her nose and goes ”Oh my god! This is throw up,” Shirley explained to WUSA9. Shirley says his wife suffers from mysophobia– fear of germs– and she immediately began crying she was so upset.

Airline staff acknowledged someone threw up on a previous flight, but claimed they thoroughly cleaned the area. Shirley says there was no chemical odor or other indication that the area had been cleaned at all. There was just the unmistakable scent of vomit all over their bags and hands.


The Shirleys were told they could either stay in the barf seats or wait and fly out the next day. Shirley’s wife had to work the next day, so the family had no choice but to stay on the plane. They were given trash bags to wrap around their vomit-soaked luggage, and that’s pretty much it. No one even offered a basic scrub down.

Representatives for United have since apologized and acknowledged that the seats were ‘not cleaned as thoroughly as they should have been prior to takeoff.’ They also said their agents did the best they could to keep the flight on time (because that’s what really matters here) and offered each member of the family a $150 voucher for their next trip. As far as customer service fails go, this one was pretty big. Something tells me the Shirleys will be using those vouchers as kindling to burn everything they had with them on the plane.

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