What Is the Weirdest Thing You’ve Ever Seen a Kid Put Up Their Nose?

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Today I am counting my blessings. My toddler might not sleep through the night, but at least for the time being she lacks the physical dexterity to shove anything up her nose. I fear for the future, though, because this week a five-year-old girl blew her nose and found a safety pin she had put up there six months ago, and the story is especially creepy because multiple doctors looked up her nose before that and did not find it.

According to Buzzfeed, five-year-old Khloe Powell has had a runny nose for the past six months. That’s not so unusual for a small child, but apparently her runny nose was exceptionally foul-smelling and and thick and opaque enough that her mother took her to the doctor. Three separate doctors looked up her nose and prescribed antibiotics for a sinus infection, but none of them actually figured out the source of the problem and her nose just kept running. She even went to a dentist, but the source of the problem was overlooked.

Then one day Khloe blew her nose and a 1.5-inch safety pin came out. She had managed to stick one of those big safety pins so far up her nose that it stayed there for six months, and when it came out it was black and rusted and disintegrating. (Buzzfeed has photos.)

After it came out, Khloe admitted to having put it up there and forgotten to tell her mother about it. Well, actually she says she was building a castle out of safety pins when one of them just “landed” in her nose.

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Thank God it came out eventually, but still, it is super creepy that multiple doctors could look up that girl’s nose and not find a giant safety pin.

Kids sticking stuff up their nose is not that uncommon, though. Not long ago I was reading a thread on Reddit about crazy things people’s kids had done, and about 90 percent of it involved small children putting things in their nose. The one that sticks with me the most was a toddler who stuck one of those expanding dinosaurs in there, and then proceeded to develop the same kind of funky runny nose as this girl had. Again, nobody found it. Then one day part became visible and her father pulled it out with tweezers and pulled a whole stegosaurus out of his daughter’s head.

Parenting is the weirdest thing in the world.

I do not know why children keep sticking things in their noses. Has someone studied this? What is the evolutionary advantage of a compulsion to stick things in one’s nose? It makes no sense! But still, children continue to do it, and that means some of you must have stories. So spill: What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen a kid put in their nose?