North West Models Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s New Children’s Fashion Line and Looks Super Cute Doing It

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When North West was a baby, her parents famously dressed her entirely in neutrals. She wore khaki, she wore gray, she wore black and camel, but she didn’t wear pink or purple or green. It was chic as heck, and it’s fine for parents to dress their infants however they want. It doesn’t really matter what you put on a baby, because babies don’t care what color the thing they’re going to poop on is. But North West is not a baby anymore, she’s a three-year-old who is allowed to dress herself now, and North West likes yellow sequins and fur.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are working on a line of children’s clothes together, and Kim recently posted a snapchat video of North in one of their new creations. She’s wearing a yellow shearling Yeezy jacket that is excruciatingly cute, and a matching yellow sequin dress. According to Kardashian, North picked out the colors and the fabric all by herself, which makes sense. If you give a toddler a bunch of fabric samples and ask her which one she wants to wear, she’s going to pick the sequins.

North and her little yellow shearling jacket are adorable. Unfortunately, I’d suspect that jacket is extremely expensive. Kim Kardashian and her mother and sisters already have a children’s clothing line called Kardashian Kids, which sells at Babies R Us and tends to range from about $10-$50. But Kardashian referred to North’s yellow shearling coat as a “Yeezy” coat. Yeezy is Kanye West’s fashion line, and it is decidedly high-end. (A Yeezy shearling jacket for an adult man sells for around $1,700.) So this bright yellow shearling toddler jacket will probably not be on shelves at your local big box baby store any time soon.

Still, it’s bright and cute and North West looks like she’s really enjoying it. She’s also apparently enjoying running around and eating snow.

North is getting so big! It definitely feels like just a month or two ago that she was just a bump under Kim Kardashian’s floral sofa dress at the 2013 Met Gala (which was Givenchy and it was amazing, and I will defend that dress until the day I die, even if it did look like a sofa. It was a fashion sofa, and that’s what counts). Now she’s a three-year-old designing her own clothes and talking about eating snow. Somehow she just keeps getting cuter as she gets older.