Don’t Freak Out But Half Of All Adults Might Be Obese By 2030

I suppose it is a good thing that chocolate milk was just revamped with less sugar and calories. A new study predicts that if we don’t put together some kind of national effort against obesity, half of all adults will be obese by 2030 — that’s about 164 million people. That number is predicted to grow from the 99 million obese people as of 2008.

Encouraging attention to nutrition and the importance in maintaining one’s physical health may prevent your little one from being the one in every two people who is overweight. USA Today reports:

The U.S. obesity rate will rise from 32 percent to about 50 percent for men, and from 35 percent to between 45 percent and 52 percent for women. The U.K. obesity rate will rise from 26 percent to between 41 percent and 48 percent for men, and from 26 percent to between 35 percent and 43 percent for women.

These numbers present the importance of instilling strong wellness initiatives in our youth. Our kids shouldn’t have to shoulder this health crisis well into their adult lives.

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