This Nice Mom Thought a Furry Convention Was for Pets and Volunteered With Her Dog

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Cheryl Wassus is a nice lady with a very cute, big dog named Link. Link is a young Bernese Mountain Dog and he’s a big, cuddly therapy dog and a representative for a charity called Pets for Vets, so Wassus likes to get him out to see lots of people and promote the organization, so when Wassus heard that a big “Furry Convention” was in town, she suited up Link for what she thought was a big pet convention, and took him out to make some friends.

FurryCon is not a pet convention. Now the internet can’t stop laughing since Wassus’ son, New York Magazine‘s Kenny Wassus, tweeted out the photo, saying, “My mom thought FurryCon was a pet event and volunteered with our therapy dog!”

Cheryl Wassus had no idea what a furry was, and assumed an event called Motor City Furry Con would just be a big gathering of pet owners and animal enthusiasts. But furries are people who are very into anthropomorphic animals, sometimes in a sexual way, but not always. So when Wassus and Link walked into the convention and saw people walking around in enormous, mascot-style animal costumes, they were surprised.

It’s hard to say who was more surprised and bewildered by the experience, Wassus or Link.  Wassus was like, “Wait, what’s happening? Where are the other pets?” Meanwhile, Link was utterly flummoxed by the fact that the room was full of giant toys, and that everyone around him had tails. “They have tails! I have a tail! I must sniff all the tails!”

Link is a very good dog.

The furries seemed to love Link, too. Link got lots of photos and belly rubs, and a unique training experience about how to deal when you walk into an unexpected situation full of strange people in unusual outfits.

Wassus told New York Magazine that she found out about the convention when the Motor City Furry Con chose Pets for Vets as their charity for the event and wanted to raise money for them. Wassus didn’t know what a furry was, but she assumed it was a pet-lovers convention, so she arranged to bring Link and staff a Pets for Vets booth at the convention, and host a panel to tell attendees about Pets for Vets and the kind of work they do. The convention raised $10,000 for Pets for Vets, and Wassus says her audience was very attentive and seemed very moved during the panel about Pets for Vets and how having an animal can make a huge difference in the lives and mental health of veterans.

Wassus seems to have had a really good time at the Furry Con, too. She says she got to meet a lot of people and experience a part of humanity she had never seen before. It sounds like it was a great experience. Link is never going to forget this either. He’s definitely going back and telling all the puppies, “There were stuffed toys as big as people! And all the humans had tails! It was a wonderland!”