Mom Pokes Fun At Celebrity’s Lives On Instagram and We’re Here For It

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(Instagram / @katecaseyca)

Have you ever flipped through the pages of a fashion mag or scrolled through a celebrity’s Instagram feed and thought, “How the hell is this normal?” You’re not alone. Author and comedian Kate Casey has been wondering the same thing for a while, except she takes it a step further. The popular Instagrammer has even taken to recreating celeb photos for laughs because, well, why not?

Casey, who is also a fashion critic, podcast host, and fellow mom, has a true knack for satire. A quick visit to her Instagram page will show you exactly what we mean. Like in this photo of her donning a, uhm, mermaid outfit to poke fun at a similar one posted by Vanderpump Rules reality TV star Scheana Marie:

Kate Casey Celeb Mom

Instagram / @katecaseyca

If you’re as perplexed by the original image as Casey was, you’ll no doubt find these next few images to be pretty hilarious, too.

How about showing the difference between Britney Spears’ performance wearing a Burmese python on stage and…being a regular mom wearing a python?

Kate Casey Celeb mom

Instagram / @katecaseyca

Or bathing in a gold dress a la Mariah Carey? (Seriously, why is Mariah glammed up in this hot tub looking like a kitten that caught the catnip?)

Kate Casey Celeb Mom

Instagram / @katecaseyca

Casey’s favorite spoofs, though, seem to be ones related to grocery shopping, like when she recreated Gwyneth Paltrow’s spread for Harper’s Bazaar:

Kate Casey Celeb MOm

Instagram / @katecaseyca

Fortunately, Paltrow has a pretty good sense of humor. The movie star even commented on this one, saying, “This is awesome.”

So what drove Casey to start this series of If Celebs Were Average Moms images?

According to Yahoo! News, the idea first came to her after seeing an Elle spread featuring Kristen Stewart “grocery shopping” in designer threads.

“Who goes to the grocery store in luxury clothes?” Casey thought. She decided then and there to head to her local grocery store and recreate the image for the hell of it.

“I have been taking similar photos ever since.”

Considering Casey now has well over 10k Instagram followers, there’s a good chance she’ll keep the series going.