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TGI Friday Open Thread: Tell Us Your Best Stuffing Recipes/Getting Stuffed Stories

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108174242Oh man, this is what I have to put up with at Mommyish. I wanted to read all your best stuffing recipes and Julia, that sick puppy, was all NO CAN WE MAKE IT ABOUT RECIPES AND ALSO HAVING SEX ON HOLIDAYS?

My stuffing has sausage and apples in it, both green and honey crisp apples, and I am not going to tell you what my hoohah has in it because that is so not your biz.

My stuffing also contains celery and onions! It is so good. I usually make it a day ahead of time and happily enjoy an adult beverage and put on some music while I am cooking. And then I slowly unbutton my shirt and crawl onto my kitchen island and hike my skirt and …

NO. I refuse to take part in this holiday porno thread but you know what? I love you guys and you can do what you want so have at it!

Also, VOTE for your favorite Cheatsgiving story! I LOVED all the entires but I’m not allowed to vote but if I could I would vote for all of you. When you are done voting hop on over to Maria’s awesome selfie thread and post your best selfie and look at how adorable all the readers are and ooooh and ahh over how amazingly cute Max is.

And then come back here and grab a stiff one (DRINK THAT IS) and tell Julia all about having sex on holidays and you can tell me what you put in your stuffing. Or whatever else ya want.

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