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10 Things Parents And Psychopaths Have In Common

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Parents would do anything to keep their children safe. An obvious part of doing that is keeping them away from people who exhibit personality traits often associated with psychopaths. Ironically, lots of everyday actions performed by parents would absolutely raise red flags if they were done by a stranger. Here’s 10 things parents and homicidal maniacs have in common.

1. They save body parts.



You have a lace trimmed box in the closet containing an umbilical stump, a lock of hair and several baby teeth. Just let that sink in.

2. They like to watch you sleep.

baby monitor


That moment when you peer over your snoozing angel and watch their chest rise and fall is so peaceful and sweet. Until you imagine it with the theme song to Halloween playing in the background.

3. They try to keep tabs their victims.

stalker cat


Tapping into your child’s Facebook account or checking the GPS location of your teen’s cell phone is your right as a parent. It’s also something stalkers do.

4. They deal with large puddles of bodily fluids.



Thankfully Target carries Chlorox wipes.

5. They enjoy setting the scene.

you are good


Outfits hand-sewed from a Pinterest pattern for the family Christmas card photo or an elaborately prepared kill room ala Dexter, presentation is important to you.

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