Jamie Dornan Bursts Our Bubble While Discussing the Sex Scenes in ‘Fifty Shades’

Movies are a great way to escape, aren’t they? You get caught up in the characters, the plot, the beautiful scenery. And if we’re talking about Fifty Shades, the uh, intimate scenes between Jamie Dornan and costar Dakota Johnson. So imagine our immense disappointment when Jamie talked about those sex scenes on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Nothing screams sexy like protective bags over your genitals, am I right?

Jamie Dornan shared a few behind-the-scenes secrets with Jimmy, and let’s just say, we’re a little let down.

Obviously, we know there was no actual sex during filming. In fact, rumor has it that Jamie and Dakota are pretty icy toward each other off-screen. But just hearing the words “wee bag” really brought us crashing down to earth.

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First of all, he started off by describing his relationship with Dakota as “brother and sister”. So that’s … not at all awkward or weird.

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Jimmy asked about the logistics of filming those steamy sex scenes. And surprise! It’s not at all sexy! Jamie shared that he wears a “wee bag”. Which, as you may have guessed, is a bag that covers his junk. I don’t think that’s the technical term though; Jamie explained that “wee” is just an expression where he’s from, and there’s no pee in the bag.

“Wee” means something small. I wouldn’t go bragging about wearing a wee bag, Jamie! Don’t worry, he quickly clarified that his bag is actually QUITE big.

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The only thing worse than having to wear a bag on your genitals while filming a sex scene is, I imagine, wearing a bag that once held SOMEONE ELSE’S GENITALS in it. I feel like a movie with the budget of the Fifty Shades franchise could spring for fresh wee bags for everyone, no?

When he was filming the first movie, he noticed that his penis purse has someone else’s name on it. He wore a secondhand penis bag.

Given the success of the films, I sincerely hope the studio sprang for some brand spankin’ new wee bags for Jamie. Maybe they have his name embroidered inside! He deserves it.

(Image: Facebook/Jamie Dornan Online)

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