15 Pregnancy Tweets That Will Make Anyone Who’s Been Pregnant Say ‘Been There’

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Every pregnancy is different, but there are definitely some experiences that just about every woman can relate to. Just say the words, “round ligament pain,” or ” sneezing while pregnant,” or “pregnancy hormones” and anyone who has ever been pregnant will immediately be able to commiserate. It’s been a few years since I’ve been with child, but these pregnancy tweets have me nodding my head and saying, “yep, been there.”

1. Sneezing is the WORST.

2. I never knew bending over would require super-human effort.

3. The water was just so beautiful and no one understands.

4. He’s just such a GOOD BOY.

5. More relatable, yet more terrifying.

6. Oh, did you want to actually sleep?

7. And yes, I will eat them at the same time.

8. And more shoes, too.

9. A bed in the bathroom would make things much easier.

10. My condolences.

11. Pregnancy sports would be really entertaining.

12. This would explain so much.

13. I fail to see the problem here.

14. This is why it should be called “all-day sickness.”