8 Ridiculous Father’s Day Crafts From YouTube

Fathers Day craft hearts with laundry clipsAs I’ve mentioned in the past, I absolutely hate crafting, which obviously means the universe saw fit to gift me with three craft-loving spawn who want nothing more to become one with the hot glue. Father’s Day is an especially craft-happy holiday around the Locke household, because what dad doesn’t love a ton of new junk beautiful creations to cover his office with? So I figured, YouTube must be rife with fun craft ideas to make for dads. Boy was I WRONG. Apparently if you want to make something for that dad in your life that isn’t fucking stupid, you’re shit out of luck. Come with me on my journey through what passes for Father’s Day craft ideas on YouTube.

8. Cranking Out Crafts – Klassy Father’s Day Card

This video is EPIC. Notice the kick ass, Hollywood-esque entrance. These crafters mean serious business. CRAFT business. And that card is classy as hell. Is that a paisley tie? Awesome. But I’m confused. Do only dads wear shirts and ties? Can this also be a “National CEO Day” card? What about “National Fast Food Assistant Manager Day?” I have so many questions!

7. Father’s Day “Soda” Container

I love how perky this mom is. But what I really love is how much she sells the idea of using this perfectly good decorated beer container as a “treats” and “soda” container. In my house, treats go in the Tupperware, and BOOZE gets the prime space. I mean, we’re not heathens.

6. Dad Frame


What kid hasn’t made this kind of craft for their dad. I swear that my own dad has at least ten of these bad boys, not counting the “Grand Dad” ones my kids have made. This is a Father’s Day staple.

5. Random Dad Crap


This video is a veritable hodgepodge of Father’s Day crappola, including old faves like “ridiculous key holder made out of Popsicle sticks,” “Lazy triangle thing,” and “Heroin balloons.”

4. Laziness 

I’m sorry, but this is the laziest shit I’ve ever seen. This made me so sad that I need to go look at kittens to recover. Don’t do this for your kid’s dad, unless you want to be single for the summer.

3. No


What the eff? Here is a list of things that are NOT crafts: cigars, remote controls for ghost TVs, old fashioned radios, Christmas gifts, random stock photo of a dad on a laptop and people playing Wii. Yet all of these are in this video. FACEPALM

2. Decorating Rocks


Yes, this is really a video, and for some reason it has over 20,000 views. This is the world we live in.

1. The gift that keeps on giving…


…for another 18 years at least. I dare you to watch this and not expect that roll to be filled with those pop up snakes or something like that. I literally cringed, thinking something was going to smack that baby in the face. Also, this could either be the best or the worst Father’s Day gift ever.

  (Photo: Milleflore Images/Shutterstock)

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