25 Hilarious Father’s Day Cards You Can Find On Etsy

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Father’s Day is just around the corner, and boy did it sneak up on us! We blinked, and suddenly it was summer. And summer is prime dad time! We know Mother’s Day gets a lot of the attention, but our best dads deserve to feel the love, too. They do all the … dad stuff. Plus, a lot of the mom stuff! They make our lives so much easier, and bring so much joy to our kids! Who else can throw the baby 10 feet into the air (FOR FUN) or sit and play Legos with a toddler without losing their ever-loving minds? OK, moms can do that stuff too, but that’s where dads really shine. And we can’t forget about dad jokes, the corniest and best jokes ever. We definitely had those on the brain when we picked out these hilarious Father’s Day cards from Etsy.

See, you can buy dad the best gift. You can spoil him rotten the day of. But what you REALLY need is a good card to pull it all together. And with dad, you have some wiggle room! You can go cute and funny. Or raunchy and funny. You can go sentimental … but still funny. You’re sensing the theme here, yes? For all dads do to make life grand, the least we can do is make them laugh. And these amazing Father’s Day cards definitely fit the bill.

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