Snooki Shares A New Baby Picture, And Steals Our Hearts

snooki baby angelo
Image: Instagram / @snooki

There really is nothing like seeing the joy and elation that comes across a new mama’s face when she holds that precious little one in her arms right after giving birth. That said, leave it to Jersey Shore’s newest mama (and arguably the most popular of the show’s stars) Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi to give us all the feels when we see her and her new baby son Angelo. On her Instagram account, Snooki shares a new baby picture of her son Angelo, and it was about as heartwarming as it gets with its raw beauty. We can all relate to the tears of joy and awe she has in looking at the baby just after birth, and the picture her mother took when he was born on Sunday shows us just how much motherhood means to the mama.

Snooki’s Shot Shows She’s Not Just A Girl From The Shore

There’s a reason the term ‘Mamarazzi’ is so commonplace nowadays. Mamas want to capture every.single.second they can, and technology lets us do so with speed and ease. Celebrity moms are no different.

And perhaps some of the most beautiful and memorable moments mamas want to be sure they have forever are the ones that happen right after their new little human is born into the world. Such was the case for Snooki, who shared that her mom took the relatable picture of her and baby son Angelo right after he was born.

In her post, the mom of three says that the picture showed pure love and happiness and she felt blessed. You can see it all over her face as the raw emotions poured out of her (still-perfectly lashed) eyes while she looked down at her sweet new son. It’s a perfect picture of how everything but the bond between a mom and her baby fades to black when they are finally introduced to one another and we love it.

Snooki’s Fans Can’t Love It Enough

Her fans, followers and friends are eating the image up too, commenting that the picture perfectly captured the moment. Fellow Jersey Shore castmate and friend Jennie “JWoww” Farley–a mom of two herself–commented that it was her favorite picture ever while dad of two Perez Hilton called little Angelo’s birth a ‘true miracle’ and the ‘ultimate blessing.’

And they’re not wrong. According to People, little Angelo (whose full name is Angelo James LaValle) joined his 4-year-old sister Giovanna Marie and 6-year-old brother Lorenzo Dominic early in the morning May 30th. Snooki has said that she and proud papa Jionni LaVelle are thrilled with three and can’t wait to see what being ‘outnumbered’ looked and felt like. Snooki also said that the 7 lbs., 8 oz., Angelo was a sweet baby and a near twin to big brother Lorenzo when he was a baby.

Looky, Looky There’s More From Snooki

And as we have come to expect (and love) from Polizzi, she’s sharing up a storm on Instagram about life with three kids and how she’s super excited to be a ‘proud mawma.’ In fact, she’s quite proud of her new squad (as she should be) and it’s clear her new little cub is well loved.

Congratulations, Mawma. We imagine there’s gonna be a lot of extra laundry in your house, but your joy tells us you don’t mind a bit!

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