This New Rose Wine in a Capri Sun Pouch Will Have You Asking, ‘Is This Too Much?’

I’ve never been one to shy away from novelty wine products. The first time I saw someone drink a tiny bottle of Champagne with a straw, I was charmed. I have a literal purse full of wine, and if anyone wants to start a Prosecco Pong league, I will sign up to be team captain. But now someone has put rose in a Capri Sun pouch, and I am deeply conflicted. Is this the coolest thing ever? Or is it just one step too far?

The new Electric Rose from Electric Wine Co. is genuinely rose wine in a pouch, just like Capri Sun. You get into it by poking it with a tiny straw and everything. It’s kitschy and nostalgic and kind of childish and ridiculous, but it’s also full of wine. Can anything full of wine actually be bad?

Rose in a Capri Sun pouch is actually very useful.

Drinking rose out of a Capri Sun pouch seems like it would feel pretty ridiculous. But there are actual good reasons a person might want to do it. If one is near a pool or a beach or another venue that does not allow glass containers, this is perfect. They’d be great for festivals. They’d fit nicely in virtually any space. You don’t need a corkscrew to open one, or a container to pour it into. It’s more difficult to get sand in one. They’re also virtually impossible to spill. They pack flat, and the company says they chill faster than cans or bottles. Anything that can make wine get cold faster is a bonus.

Rose in a pouch is also comparatively lightweight. Yesterday I saw some people at a convention trying to give away their cooler full of canned cocktails because they were too heavy to take home. Pouches are much lighter than cans.

As a gimmick, the pouch is pretty corny. But as a useful solution to the “how do I drink wine on the train?” question, they’re actually super useful.

Is this rose pouch too much, or just enough? Let us know in the comments.

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