Couple Takes Their Love for Olive Garden to New Heights by Naming Baby After the Restaurant

Listen, I love me some Olive Garden salad and bread sticks. Who doesn’t?! But as much as I love unlimited carbs, I don’t love it THIS much. Brace yourselves for the most 2017 thing of 2017: a couple will name their baby after Olive Garden, because they love the chain restaurant. Yes, you read that right. Now that is what we call dedication to a brand.

Meet the Gartons. The Arkansas couple will name their baby after Olive Garden, their favorite restaurant. Oh my.

Jordan and Justin grew up eating at the chain Italian restaurant. But it wasn’t until 2015 that their casual love affair got really serious. Shortly after their wedding, the couple purchased a $100 never-ending pasta pass, and filled their hearts with marinara. They ate there everyday FOR WEEKS. Justin told ABC News, “We committed to eating there every day for six or seven weeks to get our money’s worth. It saved us several hundred dollars when we really needed it.”

Fair point! If you’re going to spring for the never-ending pass, then you damn well better make it worth your while.

After they found out they were expecting their first child together earlier this year, they didn’t want to wait to name their daughter. They knew they wanted something that paid homage to her Italian roots, and saw an opportunity to give a shout-out to their favorite restaurant.

With the last name Garton, they were primed for an Olive Garden themed name. But, they didn’t want to go with Olive, fearing it would be too on-the-nose. Instead, they went a little subtler.

We have to admit, that is a pretty damn cute name. And the story behind it will be carried down for generations. Once the couple announced the name, people had some very strong opinions about it. Never, ever invite the internet into your lives, people.

But not everyone has an assholish response. I mean honestly, what’s wrong with Olivia?! It’s not like people go by their first and last name on a daily basis. She’ll be Olivia, people. Calm the hell down.

Olive Garden even tweeted them a lovely message, with a pretty sweet offer.

Congrats on the baby, Gartons! And congrats on what is sure to be a lifetime of free bread sticks, you lucky ducks.

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(Image: Facebook/Olive Garden)

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