Take A Peek Inside The Home Of The Duggar Family

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The Great Room

Great room, Duggars

Image: Pinterest / Crystal Lea

Jim-Bob and Michelle had both expressed that they have been frugal with their home decorating in the past. However, when it came to their brand new home, interior designer Deborah DiMare, of DiMare Design was tasked with creating their indoor paradise. She even got the kids involved in the process, sitting down with the group and asking each one of them what they would like to see in the home. Of course, she talked with mom and pop Duggar, too! They decided on a beautiful oatmeal color for their walls. As you can see, DiMare did an incredible job of decorating the home! From the furniture, artwork, end tables and even houseplants, right down to the light fixtures, everything looks absolutely amazing. You can also see the family’s second kitchen to the left in the photo above.

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