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Demi Lovato Catches Heat For Fake Baby-Bump Selfie On Instagram

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Demi Lovato is trolling her fans big time. Just a week after she announced a new relationship with Austin Wilson, she posted a selfie to her Instagram where she’s cradling a baby bump! Not only that, but the caption said, “Real or fake?”

The hashtag should put this clearly in the “fake” baby bump category. The singer/actress is appearing on the final season of the Will & Grace reboot, likely playing the part of Will and his husband’s surrogate for their child.

Unfortunately, it’s Demi we’re talking about — so there’s always a controversy. Some people thought it wasn’t cool for the “Confident” singer to ~trick~ her followers with the tease. Demi was criticized for using the photo for attention when so many women struggle with fertility difficulties. “Yeah, I get that this was done in lighthearted fun but there’s tons of women and nonmen that deal with fertility issues and this really isn’t a good look, boo. Not to mention the fatphobia connotations this photo exhibits too,” said pocketfullofcliches. Another named amber_elaine_xx wrote, “Faking a pregnancy is disgusting… 100% no reason for this! Plenty of things to joke on… this ain’t it sis.”

Not everyone is P.O.’d though. One user named Amber Trudel commented on her photo saying, “Why is everyone SO ridiculously sensitive! I cant have kids and I am not ‘appalled’ it’s a joke, get over yourselves.” In about four hours, the comment got 169 ‘likes.’ Another user said, “Wow…people really can’t take a joke anymore. The slightest thing and now the majority is offended. This is absolutely insane. Keep doing what you do girl.”

We’ll admit that faking a pregnancy isn’t a good idea, but this really just seems like Demi was sharing a fun behind-the-scenes pic. Also, the number of people who commented congratulatory messages is hilarious.