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Viral Video of Mom Crying Listening To Her Baby Laugh Will Keep You Going This Week

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Any parent knows how special your kids’ “firsts” are. We remember their first word and the day they first walked. And even though we put a little more emphasis on those other “firsts,” the moment your baby first laughs is a sound a lot of us probably wish we remember. It’s so precious to hear your little one happy.

A new video that completely encapsulates this feeling is a viral video that shows a mom absolutely losing it (in a cute way) as her baby laughs. The child is seen responding to phrases like “you’re the best,” “you’re the sweetest,” “you’re amazing!” with a cute little giggle. Her mom is silently laughing — which ultimately brings her to tears. Watch below:

Other parents chimed in on the comments to share their memories with their kids’ early laughs and how they feel watching this video themselves. One user said, “When he was a newborn, my son used to crack up when you tore paper. No clue why, but it was hours of wholesome entertainment.” Another called their baby’s first laugh the “most incredible precious moment.”

The video was originally uploaded by a guy named Andrew Fischer and quickly made its way around the internet. What can we say? Cute videos of babies laughing (and their mommas’ sweet reactions!) make life worth living! And make the internet worth perusing. With all the political debates, personal jabs, and sad stories, sometimes we just need to feel some love on the world wide web.