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These Are The Most Popular Baby Names By State

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The most recent data on the popular names in each state has been released, and what surprised us the most was the repetition of names and sounds. It seems team O is taking the field by storm with Olivers and Olivias leading the pack for the babies born in 2018. After all, you could call a baby Ollie and incorporate both those top billed options. Speaking just for Oliver, the name has never seen such a spike in popularity. Could it be that John Oliver’s award winning political satire has inspired parents from coast to coast? We hope so. That guy’s hilarious, and Last Week Tonight is a hit.

The names that are the most popular seem to have one thing in common- they’ve got a vintage feel. The Avas, Williams, and Noahs work now and could have worked in both decades and even centuries past. Nothing on this list feels experimental. There are no Neveahs or Cashs. You won’t find a long name on here, either. It seems just yesterday Lilianas and Benjamins were all over the place. Parents were choosing the multi-syllables and then opting for cute nicknames. Trends change quickly, and the names of 2018 serve as a good reminder of this.

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