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This Farting Gender Reveal Video Proves The World Has Gone Too Far

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The world’s obsession with gender and gender reveals for babies has gone too far. In a time when we should be placing less stock in the relationship between body parts and societal norms, gender reveals are still strong as ever. The person who started the trend even says she regrets it!

Just a week after a crazy gender reveal resulted in a plane crash, we’ve stumbled on an even more disturbing proclamation for an unborn baby’s sex: farting colored powder.

A moderately-popular YouTuber named Paige Ginn posted a video to Instagram where she farts a cloud of blue gas as her friends cheer “it’s a boy!”

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Gender Reveal 🍼👶🏻

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Thankfully, this video seems to be a parody of gender reveals instead of a legit one — and maybe people will stop doing them now that it’s gotten this ridiculous.

As far as we can tell, Paige Ginn is not actually pregnant and her “thing” seems to be farting videos. Seriously, her Instagram is full of “blaming farts on strangers” and farting on sleeping people. At least there’s not an actual baby coming into the world whose body parts were publicly announced with a viral farting video.

Some people haven’t realized that this is, in fact, a joke and have taken to the comments to express their disgust in her vid.

Others were truly awed by Paige’s commitment. One commenter wrote, “Honestly the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. Can’t stop laughing,” while another said, “The amount of control you have over your rear end and what comes out of it is unparalleled. That is some body control. To have the ability to force enough air out to create a puff of powder…. YOU are a LEGEND”

Let’s all just agree that gender reveals need to stop and call it a day.