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Hero Groom Rescues Boy From Water on His Wedding Day

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Your wedding day is a special event. Surrounded by friends and loved ones, fancied up in your best duds, you vow to love your partner for as long as you both shall live. And if you’re like this hero groom from Ontario, Canada, you also jump into a body of water to save a boy from drowning. Put that on the wedding album cover!

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Image: Facebook/Hatt Photography

Photographer Darren Hatt captured the moment this hero groom went into the water after seeing a child in distress.

The incident occurred at Victoria Park in Kitchener. The boy had apparently been pushed into the water by other kids. Darren says, “The kid was under water on his back. He ingested water and there was mucous coming out of his nose.” The quick thinking groom jumped into the river and lifted the boy to safety. Darren credits the hero groom Clayton Cook with saving the boys life.

“It was scary. (The boy) was struggling. It could have gone unnoticed,” Hatt said.

Hatt was photographing the bride when she started yelling, and was able to turn around and snap a few quick pictures of the rescue. Talk about wedding day memories! In times like these, people are keen on a feel-good news story, and this one does not disappoint.

Hopefully someone brought Clayton a dry suit!

Nothing like realizing on your wedding day that you’re ACTUALLY marrying Superman.

Not all heroes wear capes! Some even wear three-piece suits.

Awesome job, Clayton! And good on you, Darren, for capturing a moment the couple is sure to want to remember forever. We wish the couple many years of happiness and life-saving!

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