I’m Pretty Sure The Survey That Finds 1 in 3 Single Women Have Purchased A Wedding Dress Is Completely Made Up

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shutterstock_141676105__1373133619_142.196.156.251Maybe I’m a freak, but I never fantasized about what my wedding would look like. Seriously. Never. According to this new survey, I am in the minority. Apparently the majority of single women spend their days deciding what kind of cake will be served and how ugly their bridesmaid dresses should be. Oh, also – some of them actually buy wedding dresses – before they have someone to marry.

The Inquisitor ran a piece about the survey, which they titled, “1 In 3 Single Women Own A Wedding Dress.” Here are some of the survey results:

A study by, polled 2,005 single British women, 18 and older, and asked about the essentials of their future wedding plans.

Based on the respondents answers, one in 10 women already knew what dress they would wear on the big day; 55 percent had makeup and hair ideas narrowed down; 53 percent knew which friends would accompany them as maids/matrons down the aisle; 45 percent knew what their bridesmaids would be wearing; 47 percent had designed/picked out which engagement and wedding rings they wanted to receive – all without a prospective groom in the picture.

Of those who admitted to having a dress in mind – over one-third confessed to prematurely purchasing the gown of their dreams and tucking it away for the special day.


I call bullshit. Also, I’m not very good at math, but the title of that piece is totally misleading. One-third of 10 percent does not equal one in three single women.  I’d like to assert that it equals roughly three percent of single women – but again, I’m really bad at math.

I think there is a little man sitting behind a curtain somewhere (kinda like a modern-day, sleezy Oz) who likes to perpetuate the myth of the desperate, single woman pining away for a husband. He’s the same man who started the urban legend of the man shortage. How many times have you heard that one?

I hate surveys like this. Women may or may not fantasize about a wedding. Just like they may or may not fantasize about a trip to Europe, or what they are going to have for lunch tomorrow. How many times have you seen a survey like this where men were polled about their “big day?” Don’t even bother answering that because I’m sure it doesn’t exist.

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