A Kid Walked in on Her Mom Having Sex and the Story Is Hilarious

When you’re a parent, one of the few things you always want but rarely get is privacy. Want to shower? Nah. Your little one wants to play with boats at your feet.  Changing your clothes? Damn right your kids are around. Want to poop? There’s an audience for that as well. And it’s never more depressing than when you want to do it with your significant other and can’t. So you try to wait until they’re sleeping soundly…But just as this viral post details the hilarious tale of a kid walking in on mom having sex ”” it doesn’t always work.

Irish blogger Emma Lou Harris is a mother like any other. OK, except maybe funnier. She writes about the trials and tribulations of parenting and in a more recent post, decided to let us all in on one of the most mortifying experiences that any parent can possibly have.

Walking in on Mom Having Sex

“There’s an inevitable moment in every parents life when your children catch a glimpse of something you’d much rather they didn’t,” her viral Facebook post begins (which has now been liked over a thousand times, with 200 shares and going).

Harris shares how she was feeling a bit randy after a couple of beers and seeing her husband empty the dishwasher without asking (because hey, even in my own fairly feminist household, I also recognize that having our partners do things without asking can be pretty hot in its own right). So after their kiddo is put to bed, she and her hubs decide on a trip to pound town. Why not, right?

“Things were getting heated. We were just getting to the bit of the act about half way through where you actually consider going professional and you wonder why you ain’t teaching these kinda moves on some sort of intense weekend course for beginners.” Oh yes, I know this moment all too well.

But then, something terrible happened. The worst. Yep, the nightmare of your kid walking in on mom having sex actually happened to this mom.

“Mammmmmmmmy??????????” she apparently heard from across the room, to which she internally responded with, “HOLY SHITBALLS!!!!”

Yep. They got caught. BAD.

Harris describes the aftermath in vivid detail, from her vagina “zipping itself back up” to her man, Joe, jumping so high in the air he almost gave himself a circumcision with the ceiling fan. You can read the full account below:


“I don’t know what she saw that night. I can’t say for definite if she saw too much or if she saw anything at all,” Harris says, ending with this:

“Myself and Joe are due to finish our Trauma Counselling sometime in the year 2045.”

My condolences to Harris and her partner for what I’m sure was a horrifically traumatizing moment (and thank her for deciding to share it with the entirety of the internet).

(Image: Facebook / Emma Lou Harris Blog)

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