Bloggers Request a Free Meal in Exchange for ‘Exposure’ and Got Served on Twitter

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Bloggers have an interesting job, and normally, we can’t fault them for trying to connect with brands. Bloggers need readers, and brands need customers, so in a perfect scenario, it can work really well! But there’s the proper way to connect with a brand or establishment, and then there’s what these people did.

Pro-tip: don’t do this.

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Campagne restaurant in Kilkenny, Ireland received this “request” from some food bloggers.

So many things wrong with this, where to start? First of all, Campagne is a fine-dining establishment that was awarded a Michelin star in 2013. In the restaurant world, that’s KIND OF a big deal. This isn’t Chili’s, in other words.

Also, Campagne isn’t a vegan restaurant. Not even close. You don’t demand a vegan meal from a non-vegan restaurant to highlight on your vegan blog.

Considering this establishment is world-renowned, we doubt they’re clamoring for “exposure” on some rando’s vegan blog. But hey, any publicity is good publicity, right? Not if you’re these bloggers, as it turns out.

Followers of Campagne on Twitter were quick with the WTF responses to this audacious request.

Michelin stars are “significant.” Being tagged on someone’s Instagram account… not so much.

Turns out, it kind of worked! Just maybe not in the way the bloggers intended.


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