15 Things Moms Would Change About Their Husbands, If They Could

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Your ZZZs are killing me


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Please stop snoring!! Logically, we know they have no control over this but when you are exhausted, and you’ve been dealing with sick kids, and you want nothing more than to just get in bed once the kids are asleep and get some sleep yourself, snoring it the epitome of all things you hate in the world. Imagine laying down, kissing your husband good night and having him roll over and start to saw wood at a zillion decibels when the list of the day has just started to replay in your head. Worse still, you are finally so tired you are passing out from sheer exhaustion and previously referred to sick kids starts to wake up and cry for someone, anyone and the snoring pile of the dead to the world next to you can’t hear the kid above his own snoring. Dude get a CPAP machine or go sleep in the spare room or something before someone gets murdered in their sleep or dies from exhaustion. Please – stop the snoring.

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