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Carrie Underwood Reveals Lesson She Learned From Several Miscarriages

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Carrie Underwood miscarriages

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Carrie Underwood is an open book these days. The fourth winner of American Idol just revealed that her husband, Mike Fisher and two sons were in Nashville during the devastating tornado that killed over twenty people overnight and had to hide in a storm shelter as the twister passed. But she also graced the cover of Women’s Health, where she talked about suffering from an eating disorder during which she heavily restricted calories and bumped up her workouts to lose weight. She also talked to the mag about the three miscarriages she suffered between the birth of son Isaiah, now-five-years-old, and one-year-old Jacob.

While speaking to Women’s Health, the “Before He Cheats” songstress talked about her miscarriages and how it was more than just losing an unborn baby that made the experiences so devastating.

“For my body to not be doing something it was ‘supposed to do’ was a tough pill to swallow,” she told the magazine. “It reminded me I’m not in control of everything.”

In the end of 2018, Carrie first opened up about her miscarriages while speaking to CBS News. “I’d kind of planned that 2017 was, you know, going to be the year that I work on new music, and I have a baby. We got pregnant early 2017, and didn’t work out,” she revealed while talking about her album title Cry Pretty. “And got pregnant again in the spring, and it didn’t work out,” she said. “Got pregnant again, early 2018. Didn’t work out. So, at that point, it was just kind of like, ‘Okay, like, what’s the deal? What is all of this?’ And throughout the whole process, you know, I’m writing [music] and, like, literally right after finding out that I would lose a baby, I’d have a writing session, I’d be like, ‘Let’s go. You know, I can’t just sit around thinking about this. Like, I wanna work, I wanna do this.”

The Grammy Award-winning singer is sadly not the only celebrity who has experienced a miscarriage. Halsey, Gabrielle Union, and Beyoncé have also spoken about having miscarriages. Since Carrie told Women’s Health that publicly revealing her miscarriages made her feel like a “weight lifted off [her] shoulders,” hopefully she can encourage other women who have gone through similar experiences to open up as well.