Seattle Woman Showing Coronavirus Symptoms Says She Can’t Get Tested

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Seattle Woman Showing Symptoms Shares Horrifying Experience Trying To Get Tested For Coronavirus


With the rate that Coronavirus is spreading in the United States, shouldn’t it be easier to get tested once you begin showing symptoms? One Seattle woman on Twitter shared her story of trying to get tested for COVID-19 and just a warning, it’s fairly horrifying. This person disclosed she had a history of chronic bronchitis, which would make her a higher-risk case if she did have Coronavirus, and spoiler alert — even though she says she’s showing all symptoms, she’s not able to get tested.

“I live in Seattle, I have all symptoms of COVID-19 and have a history of chronic bronchitis,” she posted to Twitter. “Since I work in a physical therapy clinic with many 65+ patients and those with chronic illnesses, I decided to be responsible and go to get tested. This is how that went.”

She called the Coronavirus hotline, couldn’t get through, called the hospital, was told they didn’t have tests, got transferred back to the hotline and finally did get through… just to be told that because she hasn’t been out of the country for two weeks and hasn’t been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for Coronavirus, she does not qualify to get tested. Keep in mind that this is in a U.S. state that has seen six people die already from the virus and in a county that is in a state of “emergency.”

If even diligent people aren’t able to access tests to confirm or deny their inflictions, the Coronavirus may spread even faster than the CDC is predicting.