One Of The Duggar Girls May Be Escaping To College Instead Of Becoming A Baby Machine”

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Over the last few days, we’ve been watching a story spread about a favorite Duggar daughter and rumors she may be ditching life at the family compound in favor of going to college on her own. The lack of an official response from the family makes me think there is at least a large grain of truth to this story, because if it were patently false, Jim Bob would have said so. Just as we all hoped, it looks like Jana might be making a break for it so she can stop being her family’s free, live-in nanny and pursue a life of her own at the ripe age of 25. If it’s what she wants, I hope so hard that it really happens.

From The Inquisitr, we have some speculation about what photos the Duggars posted recently may mean. They believe they were posted in response to rumors from “a source” about Jana’s plans to leave home:

Unfortunately for those who want Jana Duggar to make her escape, it looks like she hasn’t left home just yet. Shortly after the OK! story was published, there was a flurry of activity on the Duggar family’s social media accounts. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar posted a few photos on the Duggar Family Facebook page that prove that Jana is still at home with her little brothers and sisters.

I am going to take the opposite stance here and say that these photos mean the rumors might be at least partly true. Or, that negotiations are happening between Jana and her parents for her to flee the coop and no one is ready to say anything definitive yet. Knowing how firmly the Duggars feel about marriage being the only way a woman can leave the family home, I truly believe Jim Bob would have been swift to quash these rumors if they were untrue. My guess is that they are throwing up these pictures to stall while they try to figure out what’s going to happen.

It is sad that the fate of a 25-year old woman is so deeply entwined with what her parents think is best. Sadly, she has to convince them because she has been prevented from having any means to leave home without a husband to care for her. Unless she is given money from the show, how would she have the ability to pay for school, lodging, etc. without Jim Bob bank-rolling her? It seems the Duggars have designed life for their daughters in such a way that they have no real control. The Inquisitr notes that the only Duggar daughters given a Jim Bob-owned property were Jessa and Jill, and only post-marriage. John David is not even courting, yet, he owns a home given to him by his parents. He is Jana’s twin, so why is she still stuck at home while he plans out a future? Can anyone blame Jana for wanting out?

After seeing her younger sisters get married and now with Jill expecting her first child, it would make perfect sense that Jana would want something more than caring for her younger siblings and staying under her father’s thumb. It has been publicized more than once that Jana is not currently interested in courting so for her to leave home without first getting married would be huge. It would be the first time for that to happen with a Duggar daughter and would probably pave the way for the younger ones to make that choice one day too (Jinger, we’re looking at you.) This would be a big deal for the Duggars and I am curious to see how they would handle it.

Look, I am not all about stomping on the idea of staying home to help take care of your family — if that’s what you want. I just don’t think it is what Jana wants. If her sad, tired eyes on 19 Kids and Counting and these rumors are any indication, she is ready to split. I hope whatever happens, it’s what she wants. She seems like such a sweet young lady and deserves a happy future of her own determining, whatever that might end up being.

(Image: Duggar Family Facebook)

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