Catholic Leader Thinks Women Can Just Walk Into 7-Eleven And Have All Their Contraceptive Needs Met

2014 St Patrick's Day ParadeCardinal Timothy Dolan, the Archbishop of New York, has no idea why women are complaining about not having their birth control covered by the insurance that they pay for. According to him, they can just walk into a 7-Eleven and get what they need – so no big deal, ladies!

“By Lord, all you have to do is walk into a 7-Eleven or any shop on any street in America and have access to [contraceptives] — is that right to access those and to have them paid for? Is that such a towering good that it would suffocate the rights of conscience? I don’t think so, but I hope the Supreme Court agrees,” he said.

“That [Hobby Lobby is] fighting for that, willing to go all the way to the Supreme Court — boy, they sure have my admiration,” he added.

By Lord, of course! You can run by 7-Eleven, grab a Slurpee, and get fitted for an IUD. Or pick up a tasty hot dog and get a quick prescription for birth control pills. Right? Isn’t that how it works? Maybe Cardinal Dolan thinks that the only birth control that exists is condoms? Not sure. He’s confusing me. He appeared on Face The Nation over the weekend to defend companies like Hobby Lobby who refuse to follow mandates set up by Obamacare and cover their employees’ birth control.

Let’s entertain his alternate view of reality for a moment – in which women could buy the contraceptives they need at the 7-Eleven. Do you know how much that stuff costs? An IUD costs between $500 and $1,000. Birth control pills cost roughly $50 a month. He holds the Hobby Lobby up to high regard for refusing to compromise their morals and follow the law, while completely refusing to see how an inability to control fertility affects a woman’s emotional and financial state and in many cases affects her professional life, too. But who cares. Who needs insurance coverage when we have 7-Eleven?

Excuse me if I’d rather not look to a man accused of shielding pedophile priests from prosecution to be any kind of moral compass regarding anything. He’s a hypocritical relic whose opinion on this matter shouldn’t be considered at all. Also – he’s clearly an idiot if he thinks women can take care of their reproductive health at the corner store.

(photo: Getty Images)

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